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Chengde, lying in the northeast of Hebei Province, is close to Beijing, about 230 kilometers (140 miles) away, Tianjin, Tangshan and Qinhuangdao. The topography of Chengde is mainly divided into plateau and mountainous regions, including Yanshan, Yinshan and Qilaotushan mountains, as well as the Luanhe, Liaohe, Chaobaihe and Jiyunhe rivers flowing through the city.

Chengde, originally called Rehe was once the summer resort capital of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It holds rich culture related to this history as well as many historic relics dating as far back as the Neolithic Age in this city. Ethnic groups such as Xiongnu, Xianbei, Qidan, N¨¹zhen, and Mongolian once led a nomadic existence in this region from the Qin (221BC-206) to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

As one of the first famous historic and cultural cities of the nation, Chengde has plenty of sceneries, with some of them being renowned both at home and abroad. The Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples are listed as the world cultural heritage sites, which have contributed towards Chengde being one of the famous cities in the world.

Both the internal and the external transportation of Chengde are very well developed and although there is only a small-scale airport, chartered flights flying between Beijing and Chengde will provide more choices for your journey. In addition, railway and road links can connect you to many cities, such as Tianjin, Shenyang, Baotou, Ulanhot, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia, etc. City buses provide a fine and integrated transport service; taxis are also a good choice due to their convenience and inexpensiveness.

While traveling in Chengde, you will have the opportunity to taste the unique local dishes and snacks, both of royal and folk flavors due to its historical links. Various hotels, rest houses and leisure places will also provide you with comfort and pleasure during your travels in this wondrous city.


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  ★Beijing Chengde Hiking Tour
- 8 Days Hiking Tour of Beijing and Chengde by Bus
Tour Code: BC-PH-12-1-1
Tour Name:
8 Days Beijing Chengde and Great Wall Hiking Tour by bus
Departure: daily
Duration: 8 days

More Details>>
  ★Beijing Chengde Tour
- 7 Days Private Tour of Beijing and Chengde by Bus
Tour Code: BC-PH-12
Tour Name:
7 Days Private bus Tour of Beijing and Chengde
Departure: daily
Duration: 7 days
Package includes: Domestic flight,
Hotel, Vehicle, Guide, Meal, Admission Fee...
City : Beijing , Chengde
Notes: B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner. Acc = accommodation.

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  ★Beijing Chengde Tour
- 6 Days Tour of Beijing and Chengde by Train
Tour Code: BC-PH-11
Tour Name:
6 Days Private Tour of Beijing and Chengde by Train
Departure: daily
Duration: 6 days
Package includes: Train ticket,
Hotel, Vehicle, Guide, Meal, Admission Fee...
City: Beijing, Chengde
Notes: B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner. Acc = accommodation.

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  ★Beijing Chengde Tour by Rail
- 2 Days Tour of Beijing and Chengde by Rail
More Details>>
  ★Chengde 2 Days Private Tour
Tour Code: CDE-PH-01
Tour Name: Chengde 2 Days Tour
Duration: 2 Days
Package includes: hotel, vehicle, tour guide, admission fee.

More Details>>
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