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Shanxi Province got the name from its location of being to the west of the Taihang Mountain. Most of its today's territories belonged to the State of Jin  in the Spring and Autumn period, so it's called Jin for short. It was later divided into three states, Han, Zhao, and Wei States, in the early Warring States period. So its short name is also "Three Jin"in Chinese.

Shanxi Province covers a total area of 156,000 square kilometers with a total population of nearly 34 million. It administers 11 prefecture-level cities, 119 counties, cities and districts. The provincial capital is Taiyuan.

Shanxi has complex terrains. It has a temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. The temperature varies greatly between north and south, and between summer and winter.

Wooden Pagoda Suspending Temple The Datong Nine Dragon Screen  Shanhua Monastery Huayan Monastery Yungang Grottoes Rishengchang Draft Bank Pingyao Ancient city wall Pingyao Ancient Town Qiao's Courtyard Houses Complex Jinci Temple

Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is located in Yingxian, Shanxi province.

Suspending Temple Hanging Monastery stands at the foot of Mt.Hengshan, 5 kilometers (3miles) south of Hunyuan County, and 65 kilometers(40 miles) from downtown Datong City.

The Datong Nine Dragon Screen The Datong Nine Dragon Screen, built over 600 years ago, is presently the oldest and largest glazed screen in China today.

Shanhua Monastery Shanhua Monastery is located in central Datong within the old city walls.

Huayan Monastery Situated in the southwest of Datong, Shanxi Province, Huayan Monastery, named after the Huayan sect of Buddhism, is a complex of the Upper Huayan Monastery.

Yungang Grottoes Yungang Grottoes as a treasure house of rare and splendid Chinese sculptures enjoys worldwide fame.

Rishengchang Draft Bank Founded in the third year of Daoguang in Qing Dynasty (1823), the "rishengchang" Remittance Bank specialized in silver (used as currency) remittance, deposit and loan business.

Pingyao Ancient city wall The Pingyao ancient city presents a vast array of cultural relics, including three important cultural relics subject to protection institutions at the state.

Pingyao Ancient Town Pingyao Ancient Town, in the middle of Shanxi Province, is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in China.

Qiao's Courtyard Houses Complex Qiaojia Dayuan (Qiaojiabu Folklore Museum) Located in a large courtyard in Qiaojiabu village of the Qi County, Qiaojia Dayuan was the residential house of Qiao Zhiyong,

Jinci Temple Jinci Temple is located at the source of the Jin River by Xuanwang Hill, 25km southwest of Taiyuan.



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  BITS-C037 Shanxi 2 Day Tour in Pingyao city(USD 147 per person)
[2 day tour in ancient Pingyao city of Shanxi provience.]
More Details>>
  BITS C039 shanxi 5 Day train travel from Beijing to Datong & Pingyao(USD 526 per person)
[Five day trip to Buddhist Grottoes city Datong & the Unesco World Heritage Site Pingyao city]
More Details>>
  BITS-C048 Essence of Pingyao Tour(USD 165 per person)
2 days Pingyao Tour
More Details>>
  BITS-C049 Datong Essence Tour(USD 128 per person)
3 Day Datong tour
More Details>>
  BITS C038 shanxi 2 Days Tour for Yungang Grottoes Cave in Datong(from USD 264 per person)
[2 days, 1 night tour package, including hotel accommodation (4 star ), visit the famous Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Monastery, et., private guide.]
More Details>>
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