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Yulin grottoes

Yulin Grottoes,branch of the Dunhuang art complex,are located 75 kilometers southeast of Anxi.They are also named Ten-thousand Buddha valley.there are 41 major caves and hundreds of others scattered around.

It is not yet clear when the caves were first cut,Judging from the background and the cave formation,experts have determined that they were not begun later than the Mogao Grottoes. Murals in these grottoes consist of huge scripture drawings, portraits of Buddha, rare animals and plants and scenes of plowing, harvesting, weddings, banquets, chess, brewing, ironsmelting, music and dancing. The big cripture drawings on the southern and northern walls of cave 25,in composition,technique of expression, line drawing,colouring and human image revel the artist's skillfulness and accuracy,they are authentic portrayals of the highly developed art of painting in the Tang Dynasty more than 1300 years ago and are praise as the essence of the Yulin Grottoes,In the drawing of the ¡°western pureland¡±.The artist,with his great skill of condensation,described the various scenes on the northern wall is the drawing of Mitreya Buddha depicting the ideal world to come predicted by the Buddha, Manjusri and Samantabhadra with female devas on the western wall and Buddha losana and Bodisattva Avalokiesvara on the eastern wall are all life ¨Clike.
In 1036 AD, the Western Xia occupied Gua and Sha,(present day AnxiandDunhuang),After founding his kingdom,Emperor li Yuanhao, who was conversant in the classics and history, expert in painting, and a devout believer in Buddhism,undertook a large scale construction of grottoes and mural painting. Murals of his period are unique and  exquisite¡ªthe highlihgts of Yulin Grotto art.Yulin grottoes protect a very precious ivory Buddha which was evenly halved and  carefully carved with hundreds of scripture drawings inside and Samantabhadra on an elepahant with a treasure pagoda in his hands outside¡ªall obviously in the India style,It was preservde there for more than a thousand years before being transferred to the Palace Museum in Beijing.


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